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We've Upgraded

Gower Street Studio has upgraded it's design technology. We're proud to announce that our sites are now using industry leader Wordpress with Elementor Pro. This is great news for our customers. Now we can combine the design flexibility of Elementor, with the freedom to host these sites right on our own server.

Wordpress has come a long way in recent years. As a rule, we've generally stayed away from designing in this platform. It was just too cumbersome and rigid in its design tools. While you could produce a great product, it was extremely time consuming, and not cost effective for our clients. That is until the Elementor Pro editor came onto the market.

We've clearly been a proponent of other platforms like Wix. Wix is amazing, and we still love it, however it has one MAJOR drawback. It can't be moved. Once you sign up for Wix, you're stuck parking it on their server forever, paying a monthly fee. This is not the best solution for a company like Gower Street because we run and maintain our own cloud server. We can save our customers money if we host it ourselves. While Wix provides amazing native design capabilities, it's more expensive in the long run for our customers.

With Elementor Pro, we can match the incredible design capabilities of the Wix platform, and then some! Native animation functionality, video backgrounds, vast image and font libraries are just some of the amazing features of the Elementor Pro suite. And, best of all, we can host these sites ourselves, saving our customers hundreds of dollars a year.

Feel free to shop around with other agencies, but we now feel like we can provide beautiful responsive web applications for a fraction of our competitors price.

Drop of a line if you'd like to discuss how Gower Street Studio can save you money, and give you that amazing digital footprint you deserve!

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