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Let's Discuss The Options

Custom Site vs. CMS

Gower Street Studio is a group of versatile coders, engineers and designers. With over twenty years experience in the industry, we've seen a lot of different technologies and languages come and go. Some we miss, and others we're glad to have seen go. I'm looking at you Adobe Flash.

Almost exclusively we've written and designed our web applications from the ground up. This is because CMS frameworks like WordPress, and visual design applications like Adobe Dreamweaver have failed on their promise to help speed up the design and implementation phase.

For these reasons, we never really considered using any other method of coding a website. That is, until we started getting a lot of requests to update, or design sites using the WiX cloud platform. Just recently, the company surpassed the 200 million mark for total user base and it became hard to ignore their technology any longer. 

Looking under the hood it became increasingly obvious why this tech in particular was catching on like wild fire. The speed with which we were able to add third party applications like a Google login system, or an Instagram live feed, was astounding. We knew right away this was going to be a game changer for us as developers, and also for our clients. We could now pass the savings on.



Even with this pivot in our philosophy, we still offer our clients two options. We have the ability and passion to build custom applications from scratch. A custom built site takes longer, and is more expensive, but the client will end up with a site that is uniquely theirs, and hopefully, exactly as they intended.

We write our applications in the vastly popular and flexible language of Node JS with HTML5 and MongoDB. With Node, we can write powerful web applications, and do complex tasks easily and efficiently. If you have a business need that requires a unique solution, please contact us, and we'll discuss the best plan of attack.



WiX allows us to build robust, and beautiful web applications fast with it's many tools. While we can build all of these tools from scratch, it takes time. The only major takeaway from the platform is the $15/month subscription fee. This is offset however by the free web hosting. 


Our clients really like the fact that once we've handed over the site to them, and after a twenty minute training session, they're able to edit their own content without having to call us up again. This alone might be a great reason to consider the WiX cloud based CMS.

Whichever direction you wish you go, we've got you covered. Check out the table below, and schedule a meeting with us to discuss which option is best for you.


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