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Gary Burns

Developer / Designer





Ottawa, Ontario

A Bit About Me

Work Experience

Gower Street Studio

Government of Canada

I opened this company in 2005 doing mainly PHP, NodeJS web applications and designs. My expertise lie in primarily in development, but I also do design, SEO, and operate a full stack LEMP/LAMP hosting environment on a Digital Ocean cloud server.

Worked primarily for Infrastructure Canada, and the Treasury Board of Canada. Web applications programmer. Helped design and implement the Gas Tax Fund application, using PHP/MySQL.


I thought that the best way to showcase what I do would be to walk you through a recent application I developed. When we last spoke, you had mentioned a couple of sports analogies, which was ironic, because I was developing a sports application at the time.

The site in question is called This is a standard elimination pool. And while it seems fairly straight forward on the surface, there are some interesting business rules. For instance, you can't show a players picks until after kickoff on Sunday's. However, there are games on Thursday, so you have to find a way to display ONLY Thursday games until Sunday's kickoff. Once you have selected a team, you can't pick that team again. So any teams that you've already picked cannot appear in the select box after that week has ended. The site is broken down into three main catagories.


  1. (Enter Picks) Teams populate a select box, and are removed as teams are selected. There is an option in a popup to show previous picks. If you are not logged in, you cannot make a pick.

2. (Display Picks) Display from database, players weekly picks. In an admin section, you will have flags for certain things to display, such as Show Thursday's game only, or Set Week. Once a player has selected a pick for the week, it should be reflected that they did so, while not revealing their selection until Sunday 1pm.

3. (Display Odds) Using a 3rd party API, display the current odds for the upcoming games. Show data/time and pointspread for all games. This is done using NodeJS and will update on every refresh.


You initially talked to me regarding SEO. And while I do provide that service to my clients, it's generally a basic SEO package that I offer. If a client needs a more robust solution, I have someone that I contract out to for that.

When you mentioned that you are like the coach of a team, and you want to put your players in the right positions, I feel like my strength's are in the development side, followed by design.

If you think there are some projects that might fit that skill set, I would love to talk further.

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